Because as joyful as it is to have stock Android on the Galaxy S4, it also means that the smartphone’s signature features are now gone as well. Is the trade-off worth it. and a great camera. If.

Tap Sound. Scroll down to Samsung keyboard section and make sure that Key-tap sound and Key-tap vibration boxes are checked. Good Day. I’m having a lot of problems with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Two weeks.

The update to Android Lollipop on the Galaxy S4 brought a bunch of new features as well as a couple of new issues. The good news is that these Galaxy S4 Lollipop problems are. longest-running.

Aug 19, 2013  · · just now. If it is anything like my S3, the button on the right turns the screen off (or can turn it on), and if you hold it, will bring up a menu to power off, restart (reboot), etc. But I usually turn my screen on with the center button at the bottom of the screen.

Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S4’s plastic back can pop off. camera, the built-in sensor, or both. In addition to the eye tracking features, expect motion control similar to the Samsung Galaxy.

How to Mute Call Sound on Galaxy S4. The sound call goes silent if you turn over your phone To use this feature properly, do as follows: 1.Go to “Setting” app 2.Go to “My Device” tab 3.Scroll down to find “Motions and Gestures” and tap on it 4.Make sure “Motion” is On and tap on it 5.Enable “Mute/Pause” 6.You just need to turn over your phone to mute incoming calls.

Once you hear the camera shutter sound, that’s the cue that. Palm Swipe is enabled by default on your Galaxy S8 so you can try this method right away. If you want to know how to toggle Palm Swipe.

How do I set, edit and turn on or off alarms on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone? You can find your alarm by going to the Clock app on your device. The Clock app allows you to set alarms, change the alarm sound and use Bixby to give you information about the day as you wake up.

Sep 18, 2012  · Looking for the option to turn off camera shutter sound on your Samsung Galaxy S3 ? In that case, you’ll be disappointed, because there isn’t any option available. Well, at least, not on my international model (GT-I9300). So, you can either pray and hope that the next firmware update will come with such an option […]

I have also noticed that while the phone is in sleep mode the phone is still active, in the sense people can ring or message me but the phone will not make a sound. Mode. Turn the device off. Press.

So, the easy way to get rid of them is to turn off sync first, and then delete them. Here’s how… Q: I know you guys are familiar with Galaxy S4’s anti-shake feature in the Camera app. Galaxy S4 has.

May 07, 2019  · How to Turn Off the Samsung Galaxy S3. Two Methods:Using The Power ButtonPulling Out The BatteryCommunity Q&A. To turn off your Samsung Galaxy S3, Hold down the power button → Tap Power off → Tap on OK. 1. Hold down the power button. It’s located on the right side of the Galaxy S3. 2. Tap Power off.

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Galaxy S4 Dual Camera (for video and chat. As stated, most people will only use this once to get info off their old phone. What will be interesting will be if the Samsung Galaxy S4 itself can be.

The Galaxy. off and configured to provide the best sound for movies, music, or calls. The speakers in the Galaxy Tab S4 live up to their name , as they have one really great characteristic: they’re.

1.Go to Setting. 2.Go to My Device tab. 3.Open “Call”. 4.Under the “Ringtone and sound settings”, enable “Noise Reduction”. 5.It super passes background noise from your side during calls. Read More Galaxy S4 Tips and Tricks. Noise Reduction improves call quality when there are background noises from your side during calls.

To turn it off go Settings – my device. service center and have it checked. S4 No Sound During Calls Problem: My S4 has the same problem described in your posting dated Aug 9, 2015: How To Fix A.

Assuming you’re not in one of these countries, then the first thing you can try is to go to the Camera App – Settings – Shutter Sound – Off. If that doesn’t work, then you can try turning the volume of the phone down or put it in silent mode when taking photos.

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Basically, the notifications sound during calls feature is designed to inform you when your alarm goes off or when you have a new message while you’re in an active call so that you won’t miss them. But, for any reason if this option bothers you, then you can easily turn this option off by following the steps mentioned above.

Though many were hoping for it, a notification indicator around the Galaxy S10’s front camera punch hole never came to fruition. Since then, we’ve been finding other uses for the camera cutout, from turning it into a circular battery meter to using creative wallpapers. Thankfully, there’s now an app that will give you LED-style alerts with a ring around your S10’s camera.

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Tagged as one of the best iPad Pro alternatives, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 brings. your home, turn on the lights, or lock the doors, all using your tablet. You can shoot clear selfies and smooth.

For users upgrading to the Note 4 from an older model of from the Galaxy S4. camera. to open more settings. 16M to change the photo quality Filters – choose an automatic filter Timer – Change the.

By default Samsung galaxy s3 mini don`t have the feature to turn off the camera shutter sound. But there`s a way to do this. You can do that by putting your phone to silent or using a third party application to disable it. 1. The simple way. – Just turn your mobile to silent mode or vibrate mode.

As I wrote last month, I unexpectedly traded in my trusty jailbroken iPhone 4S for a shiny new Samsung Galaxy. When I turn it off, I want it to stay off until I turn it back on. I don’t know, maybe.

Now that we have, we’re going to walk you through some of our favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S4. While it might sound a little unusual at. It can be handy, but you might want to turn this.

HD Voice on the smartphone must be turned on if you use a 4G Network Extender. From a Home screen, tap Phone. If unavailable, navigate: Apps > Phone. Tap the Menu icon (located in the upper-right). Tap Settings. Tap Call. Tap the Video calling switch to turn on or off. HD Voice must be turned on to turn video calling on or off.

May 07, 2013  · By default your new S4 will be noisy. Go to Settings > Sound and you can tweak which actions provoke audio feedback. You might want to uncheck.

Welcome to our focused troubleshooting guide that aims to resolve audio related issues on the Samsung Galaxy S4. In this part of what is expected to be a series of guides we will tackle some of the.

Camera technology. can draw on photos and turn them into animated GIFs, hover over text to translate them, and take notes with the screen off. The Tab S4 simply has more features, so it takes the.

Dec 02, 2018  · (Silencing your camera as well) How to turn off shutter sound on Samsung Galaxy S6 straight talk. Press Volume down button to turn the volume to be vibrate or silent mode setting. This will then silence the camera shutter as well. Try any of the methods outlined and you are sure to Turn off the camera shutter Sound Galaxy S6.

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Most now turn. camera can snaps shots immediately with almost zero shutter lag. The Galaxy S4 includes a number of features and modes to help users create the best shots and also have fun while.

Ever since the Galaxy S4 got the. why not turn them off? Go to Settings > Motions and Gestures and turn off the features you don’t want. The same goes for Smart Screen and Air View. Smart stay uses.

Apr 07, 2017  · The Samsung Galaxy J3 features a great camera that is great for taking pictures and videos. Many want to know how to turn off the Galaxy J3 camera sound when it shutters. This camera shutter sound is annoying to some