Venus Optics has unveiled the Laowa Magic Shift Converter for Sony Full-Frame E-Mount cameras. It can convert your ultra-wide angle. The shift lens is extremely beneficial for architecture.

Jan 24, 2019. 5 Secrets of Real Estate Photography (And Why Quality Photos Are Half the. Lenses. It's highly recommended to use wide angle lenses.

Kimberly Stevenson, Vacasa’s lead photographer, shared a few dos – and a few don’ts – when it comes to Airbnb photography. Recognize the difference between real estate photography. Don’t use an.

Equipment you need for photographing real estate interiors with window's views. Use a wide-angle lens to capture all, or most, of the room. Lenses for interior.

That’s still an extremely wide-angle lens. It takes in lots of real estate, so you’re going to have to get in. If you’re looking for a fish-eye lens for your Canon EOS, Nikon, Pentax, or.

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Actually, I’d say most landscape photographers have at least one wide-angle prime as well as a zoom lens that’s capable of a wide-angle perspective. But the question for new photographers is, how do.

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Here to give us the inside scoop is our own real estate expert, John Adams. Open the blinds and curtains as much as possible! 5. Use a wide angle lens, 14 to 24 mm is best, to show more of your.

Mar 15, 2018. A wide-angle lens is an essential tool for real estate photographers. When potential homebuyers are looking at photos online, they want the.

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Home. Bird Photography Tutorial 9: Photographing Birds in Flight (BIF) Bird photography is regarded by many as the most challenging branch of wildlife photography and taking pictures of birds in flight is certainly the most difficult type of bird photography.

Whether you’re interested in lifestyle photography, real estate imagery, or something in between. and/or blankets. 3. Use a wide-angle lens for most shots, and a normal lens for details This one.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been testing out an ExoLens Pro wide-angle kit for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. ExoLens has been making these high quality external lens options. for travel.

Photography matters when selling your. Some of the things professional real estate photographers bring to the table include: A high-quality camera and a wide angle lens: Harley says anything above.

Martin begins with a photo taken with a wide-angle lens. photography and helping others to grow in those areas as well. Am I really strange for never using this feature unless I’m specifically.

This was not a "photo finish" (ha, pun) because the Sony 24mm f/1.4 is one of the best wide-angle lenses. for wildlife photography. These qualities combine to make the Nikon 500mm f/5.6E PF our.

Convert your ultra-wide angle lens into a SHIFT lens. both horizontal and portrait orientation. Shift lens is extremely beneficial for architecture photographers to capture the skyscrapers and real.

Last month Hasselblad sent us the XCD 4/21mm (their latest ultra wide-angle lens. Hasselblad (camera and lens) profile integrated into Lightroom, so there’s no need for downloading and importing.

This 52.5mm equivalent lens is a firm favorite with Nikon shooters because of its versatility. but if you want a solid prime lens for landscape, real estate, or architectural photography, this lens.

Jan 14, 2012. With any wide angle and ultra wide angle lens, there will be. Stay with it, read everything you can find on real estate and interior photography, ranging from the nikon speedlight 700-910.also as far as lenses go, a lense.

This article contains several different methods for AF adjustment. Note… You can use the Moire fringe technique to check any (digital) camera AF system for back or front focus. Cameras with micro-adjustment (or AF fine tuning) currently include:

With a third-party lens on an iPhone camera, you can achieve that unique shot you want. Four major add-on lens types give you a choice of wide angle, telephoto, fisheye or macro. Wide angles encompass.

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Nikon. this wide angle lens. It appears to be, but urge you to verify this for yourself. GABRIELLA L Yes! I got this lens about eight months ago for my D90 and love it! It’s great for goofy.

When we mention to real estate photography, this statement appears to be especially. and you should not miss a chance to show your property lit up. Lenses. Wide angle camera lens will give each.

Luckily, most social platforms have become photo-forward, which presents real estate agents like you with an opportunity to get property photos seen by more interested buyers. These five tips will.

A smooth real estate transaction starts by igniting excitement with stunning real estate photography. wide look because it makes the rooms look bigger,” says Miller. Getting that look largely.

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Dec 17, 2015. An alternative to the Canon is the Nikon D750, which is a great value. With wide viewing angles, wide angle lenses can capture more space, or a wider view, than a standard lens. In property photography, where small rooms can prove a real. Photography guide for estate agents · What it's like to use.