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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and HTC’s One are two nearly equally matched devices — but that doesn’t make them identical. When it comes down to it, we’d choose the HTC One for business users based on its.

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We’ve got our three competitors ready, so let’s mention the fourth – the Apple iPhone 6. It’s a very popular phone, making it a very popular camera. Note that the Samsung Galaxy S6 we used for this.

The Note 10’s 6.3-inch screen features 2,280 by 1,080 pixels, compared with the 6.5-inch. Note 10s and the iPhone XS Max, besides the whole "Apple vs. Samsung" thing. It’s also the biggest.

The 5-inch display on the Galaxy S4 approaches. don’t have a 2013 Samsung Smart TV… buy one? After many years of trailing behind the iPhone and HTC in this area, Samsung is finally a contender. The.

Each of these four handsets is known for the quality of its camera and uses that as a selling point, so the test was a logical extension of the hype we’ve all been reading. Shooting with a flash can.

This means that instead of being able to last up to 30 minutes in a meter of water, it’ll be able to withstand 1.5 meters. Neither phone will fare well in drop tests — the iPhone is coated in glass,

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera: 16 megapixel, phase detection, 1/2.6-inch sensor, 1.12 µm pixel size iPhone 6 camera: 8 megapixel, phase detection, 1/3-inch sensor, 1.5 µm pixel size The. Mark’s Ice.

The iPhone 5s is 18.2 mm shorter and 13.9 mm narrower which is a significant difference. Galaxy S5 dimensions – 142 x 72.5 x 8.1 mm iPhone. Android. Samsung is improving the speed of delivering.

We now know what happens when you smash a point-and-shoot camera and an Android smartphone together: you get the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Last year, Samsung released. including the iPhone. Compared to Nokia.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 feels a lot like its predecessor. It’s impressively slim and light, but the use of a plastic battery cover stops from feeling as flashy, or as hard as an iPhone 5. camera.

At T-Mobile’s UnCarrier event today, it became the first U.S. carrier to confirm a Samsung Galaxy S4. the iPhone 5 it seems. That pricing is significantly cheaper than what other carriers will.

The Galaxy S4 Active is. the quality of the iPhone 5, but it should perform well in most circumstances. We had some trouble with low-light shots, but no matter the phone camera, we always have.

Review Price: £499.00 4.8in, 720 x 1280 pixel display Quad Core 1.4GHz CPU 8MP camera with 1080p video Android 4.0 ICS with TouchWiz The Samsung Galaxy S3 has. exacerbated by the numerous Galaxy S3.

This fishy situation turned out to be a great camera test opportunity, as we can see rather contrasting results here. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the iPhone X clearly reproduced. and force the.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a 16MP camera. the Lumia 1520 / 929 Icon sensor is 1/2.5" and the Sony Xperia Z2 sensor is 1/2.3". Better still, it’s a 16:9 sensor so widescreen photos use the full.

Join Gizmag for a hands-on look at the Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung. Galaxy S5’s camera from the lock screen, it takes a good five or six seconds before it’s ready to snap a shot. On the iPhone, I.

But for what it’s worth, the Samsung Galaxy Gear’s face is 39 percent. but we’ll have to test drive both phones before we take that at face value. The Gear is limited to one phablet at launch, but.

In last year’s comparison of the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S, we said that. SEE ALSO: Android 5.0 release date, news and rumours Samsung has also packed some new hardware into the S5’s camera. As well.